Metro Hospital, Faridabad - Outpatient Department (OPD) - Metro Hospital Faridabad
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Out Patient's Departments

Department Morning OPD Evening OPD
Cardiology 11am -2pm (Mon-Sat) 5pm-7pm (Mon-Sat)
Cardio-Thoracic Surgery 8:30am-10am (Wed) 1pm-3pm (Wed)
Dental 9am- 6pm (Mon-Sat)  
G.I. Surgery 10am -2pm (Mon-Sat) 5pm-7pm (Mon-Sat)
Vascular Surgery 10am-12pm (1st, 2nd, 3rd friday)  
Pulmonology/ Respiratory 11am -2pm (Mon-Sat)  
Dermatology 9am -2pm (Mon-Sat) 4pm-5pm (Mon-Sat)
Plastic Surgery  10:30am -2pm  
Nephrology 9am -6pm (Mon-Sat)  
ENT 10:30am -2pm (Mon-Sat) 4:30pm-6pm (Mon-Sat)
Psychiatry 10am -5pm (Mon-Sat)  
Internal Medicine 10am -2pm (Mon-Sat)  
Pediatrics 10:30am -2pm (Mon-Sat)  
Pediatric Surgery On Call On Call
Opthalmology 10am-2pm (Mon - Sat)  3pm-5pm (Mon-Fri)
Gynaecology & Obstt 10am -2pm (Mon-Sat) 5pm-7pm (Mon-Sat)
Gastroentrology 9am -10am (Mon-Sat) 5pm-7pm (Mon-Fri)
Neuro Sciences 10am -2pm (Mon-Sat) 5pm-7pm (Tue & Fri)
Urology 9am -2pm (Mon-Sat)  
Orthopedics 10am-2pm (Mon-Sat) 5pm-7pm (Mon-Sat)
Oncology On Call On Call




Care and services at Metro were extended to the best of the levels. I felt at Home.

Capability, Competency and Motivation- these are the attributes which I can relate the Metro Team with. They really cared to their level best. I'm really satisfied by the treatment levels through which I w...

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Mr. Muntadir, Iraq