Metro Hospital, Faridabad - Brother saves brother's life by becoming living Kidney Donor: A Perfect Match


Brother saves brother's life by becoming living Kidney Donor: A Perfect Match

Brother saves brother's life by becoming living Kidney Donor: A Perfect Match

His life became miserable. He and his family were in shock like state that how he will manage his rest of the life on dialysis. Vikas, who has already lost his father during childhood and now having an old mother, wife and two kids in the family became absolutely inconsolable. He is the only bread winner in the family but health was not allowing him to do anything.

Dr. Gaurav Sahai, Nephrologist counselled Vikas and his family that best management of kidney failure is Kidney Transplant. Vikas’s mother is too old to donate the kidney so his wife came forward to donate but later-on could not do so because of some unfavorable medical reports. Finally, his younger brother Naresh (name changed), who could not saw his brother in such condition decided to donate his kidney to save the life of his elder brother. Naresh, a father of one kid and now his wife was in the last month of second pregnancy, remained firm on his decision despite many social misguidances and opposition.

Naresh was counselled by Dr. Rajiv Kr Sethia, Urologist & Kidney Transplant Surgeon at Metro Hospital, Faridabad that kidney donation surgery will be done by keyhole method (Laparoscopically) and this donation will not affect rest of his life if he takes care of his health properly after surgery. Naresh was blessed with a baby on 24 Jan, 2107 and a week after that he got admitted for this donation. On 2-2-2017 Dr Rajiv Kr Sethia and Dr Anup Gulati did the Laparoscopic donor nephrectomy of Naresh and transplanted his kidney into Vikas successfully. Both recovered very well after surgery and discharged within a week. Now Vikas got rid of regular dialysis and doing well.

Dr. Gaurav told that Ig-A Nephropathy is a progressive disease and a rare cause of kidney failure at young age. Dr Rajiv informed us that in India, we have a big living donor transplant programme because of well-organized family structure and good emotional bonding within the family, which is rarely seen in western countries where most of transplants are cadaveric.

Dr. Rajiv Kr Sethia, Urologist & Kidney Transplant Surgeon told that this super specialty hospital is a leading kidney transplant center in Delhi/NCR with state of art facilities to deal with all kind of difficult kidney transplant like- ABO incompatible transplant, Pediatric transplant, second and subsequent transplant & cadaveric transplant. Here we have a robust transplant team comprising highly qualified Nephrologist and well-trained Urologists who are doing donor surgery by laparoscopic methods. The dedicated transplant ICU is managed by expert team of intensivists, transplant surgeons, anaesthetists & Nephrologist.

Their story proves that whether donor are brothers or complete strangers—the bond between patients who take part in an organ transplant is one that will last forever. Best wishes to Vikas and Naresh as they have set example for others. We wish them happy and healthy life.