Metro Hospital, Faridabad - Young Patient Opted for Kidney Transplant to Avoid Dialysis


Young Patient Opted for Kidney Transplant to Avoid Dialysis

Young Patient Opted for Kidney Transplant to Avoid Dialysis

29 year old Shyam (name changed) had been suffering from fatigue for few months but attributed it to work related stress and lack of rest. His appetite was also not what it used to be and he would often skip meals. When he discussed the same with his wife, she suggested him to go for a doctor’s consultation. Doctor in his native village prescribed him few multivitamins and nothing more. Shyam continued with his usual routine but his symptoms persisted. After a few days he got down with fever and his blood investigations showed a very low hemoglobin. He was referred to a specialist for further investigations which revealed markedly deranged kidney functions tests.  Shyam did not realize the seriousness of the test report and ignored it for other two weeks as he was feeling alright, but after a family pressure, he decided to consult Dr. Gaurav Sahai, Consultant Nephrologist at Metro Hospital Faridabad.

After going through his reports, doctor suggested him to get admitted for further evaluation which showed the advanced stage of chronic kidney disease and his kidneys were functioning less than 15%. Shyam and his family came into the state of shock as he was living a healthy life without any major symptoms as his urine output is also adequate. Dr. Sahai said “symptoms of kidney failure in some patients are very mild like loss of appetite, weakness, inadequate sleep since these symptoms are very common in modern lifestyle, patients simply ignore them or relate them with stress or hectic schedule. 

Shyam was in a stage of advanced kidney failure and needs hemodialysis. The patient was not very much interested in dialysis as he was the sole earning member in his family and cannot afford to leave a job and take dialysis 2-3 days in a week. Dr. Gaurav Sahai discussed his case with Dr. Rajiv Sethia who is  Sr. Urologist & Kidney Transplant Surgeon at Metro Hospital Faridabad.

Patient was counseled about the need for a kidney transplant, in which his mother volunteered to donate one kidney to her son. After all legal formalities and medical work up patient was taken up for a kidney transplant. The patient had one session of dialysis prior to kidney transplant, the surgery was successful and he was discharged on the seventh day with a normal functioning transplant kidney.

Dr. Rajiv Sethia said “pre-emptive kidney transplantation is considered the best available renal replacement therapy. It is transplantation performed before initiation of maintenance dialysis and reported to be associated with superior outcomes of graft and patient survival. It is one of the best options for people who do not want to undergo dialysis.”