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Metro Hospital Emergency and Trauma Department provides all types of Emergency and Trauma treatment facilities with a rapid response. We have a well-equipped 24X7 Emergency and Trauma Center with International Standards.

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Cancer care and its importance | causes, prevention & treatment | Metro Hospital Faridabad

Dr. Sumant Gupta

26 May 2022

Understanding Stroke: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment | Dr Neha Pandita | Metro Hospital, Faridabad

Dr. Neha Pandita

25 Jun 2022

Liver Transplant Success Story | Patient Testimonial | Metro Hospital Faridabad

Dr. Ankur Garg

13 May 2022

Understanding Alzheimer's : Causes & Risk Factors | Dr Neha Pandita | Metro Hospital, Faridabad

Dr. Neha Pandita

27 Jun 2022

Lupus disease symptoms and treatment - Dr. Shallu Verma - Metro Hospital Faridabad

Dr. Shallu Verma

11 May 2022

International Thalassemia Day - Metro Hospital Faridabad

International Thalassemia Day

11 May 2022

Asthma treatment options with Dr. Loveleen - Metro Heart Institute & Multispecialty, Faridabad

Dr. Loveleen Mangla

3 May 2022

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Stroke: Causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment By Dr. Neha Pandita

STROKE, sometimes called a BRAIN ATTACK, is a third leading cause of death in developing countries among population above 60...

Stroke: Causes, symptoms and treatment By Dr. Sushma Sharma

1.What is a stroke? A stroke is sudden brain attack , also known in common parlance as paralysis attack. Stroke...

Relation between Hypertension and Kidney By Dr. Sagar Gupta

May 17 is observed as World Hypertension Day every year with an aim to educate the public and create awareness...

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