“First of all when we thought of coming to India for treatment, we were suggested about the excellent specialities & facilities of Metro Hospital, Faridabad and when we came to India we found every bit of this to be true. I am sincerely impressed with the team of experienced doctors, very articulate technicians particularly MRI, CT Scan, Lab. X-ray, USG etc. We thank Metro and its team for the good treatment.

(Underwent B/L Total Knee Replacement at Metro Hospital, Faridabad)”

Mrs. Zanib, Iraq

“Metro Hospital, Faridabad have been a very good hospital for me because I have been coming here for the past 2 years and have always received adequate and proper treatment, as it is a multispecialty & highly equipped hospital. I will recommend this hospital for family and friends also.

(Underwent Coronary Angioplasty Stenting at Metro Hospital, Faridabad)”

Mr. Simwanza, Nigeria

“Words cannot express how deeply grateful we all are for the best care and treatment that you all have extended to my husband. We cannot thank you all enough for giving your time. He recovered in a tinkle of an eye after the operation and this is a hospital I rely upon and surely will recommend to as many people as possible around the world.

(Underwent Neurosurgery for Brain Tumor at Metro Hospital, Faridabad)”

Alh. Idris Isah Ahamadu, Iran

“My deepest gratitude for warm concern you showed to me.

After stepping out of the Metro, post treatment, I realized one thing, the best treatment at the best affordable prices is possible only in India, and that too at Metro Hospital, Faridabad . The services were superb. I am so excited and happy to share this experience with my own people back at home.

(Underwent Coronary Angioplasty Stenting at Metro Hospital, Faridabad)”

Mr. Flayyil, Iraq

“Caring medical staff and world class operation theatre are worth appreciating.

Metro hospital will always be my first choice for future healthcare needs. The nature of care which I got here really touched my heart. I was surprised to see the benchmark technology in the operation theatre. My heart is in good shape now. Thanks to Metro.

(He underwent open Heart Bypass Surgery at Metro Hospital, Faridabad)”

Mr. Stans Alferd, South Sudan

“Care and services at Metro were extended to the best of the levels. I felt at Home.

Capability, Competency and Motivation- these are the attributes which I can relate the Metro Team with. They really cared to their level best. I’m really satisfied by the treatment levels through which I went there. I have no words to thank Metro for this heart touching experience.

(Heart Valve replacement surgery done at Metro Hospital, Faridabad)”

Mr. Muntadir, Iraq

“Mr Sadoon’s son said,

I came to the Metro hospital to accompany my father who doctors in England described his heart condition as a critical case and imminently wanted to perform a heart bypass surgery. My father was reluctant to have such a surgery and wanted the option of angioplasty and stenting which was a less invasive procedure and one that would be less taxing on his body especially as he was approaching 80 years old. Although the procedure normally takes around half an hour, Doctors team spent over two hours on my father’s extremely difficult case which by this time had progressed to 4 near complete blockages. This is a true testament to his dedication to serving the people. Furthermore, he successfully corrected the problem.

My father is now in recovery and the aftercare has been exceptional.

I’d like to wish a big heartfelt praise and thank you to all the doctors, nurses and numerous other staff involved in the successful treatment of my father.”

Mr Ghanny Sadoon, Faridabad, Haryana