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How Is IVF Different From Normal Pregnancy?

How Is IVF Different From Normal Pregnancy?

The IVF procedure involves removing eggs from a woman’s ovaries, mixing them with sperm, and inserting them directly into the uterus, with this method of conception, women may wonder how IVF pregnancy differs from natural pregnancy. the Metro hospital provides the best infertility treatment in Faridabad

Once a conception via IVF is confirmed, patient’s starts wondering about what’s next? The process of attaining pregnancy with the help of assisted reproductive technologies i.e ART is completely different from “normal & natural” conception, which worry some women that this difference will continue throughout their 9 months of pregnancy period.

That’s not true, after initial weeks, an IVF pregnancy is the same as a natural pregnancy in every aspect.  Every woman is different, every pregnancy is different, no matter how it is conceived. This article will help you learn about how an IVF pregnancy proceeds.

The first month of pregnancy

The biggest difference between a regular and an IVF pregnancy is awareness. Most women who become pregnant on their own come to know about their pregnancy after missing a menstrual cycle but for an IVF patient awareness begins the moment embryo is transferred. In practical terms, this can mean that you may be dealing with a higher level of anxiety that many women experience at this stage.

Pre-menstrual symptoms in IVF pregnancy

You may feel nausea, bloating and mood swings. You may have missed periods or light spotting or no spotting. But these symptoms cannot give you an assurance of pregnancy because cramping, light bleeding, nausea can occur when the embryo implants in the uterus or after effect of infertility medications. Home pregnancy tests taken during this time are highly unreliable, as your body may still have elevated levels of hormones as a result of fertility medications. In IVF pregnancy, the only way to confirm is to wait for the official test at the IVF & Infertility centre

Sometimes the symptoms of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) can be similar to the symptoms of early pregnancy, so if you experience cramping, bloating, or nausea, you should consult your IVF specialist, rather than assuming it as a natural symptom of pregnancy.

After pregnancy is confirmed

During the pregnancy period, you will remain under the care of your IVF specialist. You will be monitored more intensively than a normal pregnant woman. You may have appointments and ultrasounds every 1 to 2 weeks to ensure the healthy growth of the baby. You may feel typical symptoms like morning sickness, cravings, increased urination etc. Dr, Vineeta Kharb says “IVF pregnancy is similar to normal pregnancy, the only difference is couple need to undergo IVF to become pregnant. Rest all symptoms, precautions and complications are same.”  

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