Kidney Care Amid Corona Scare

Many would not be aware that kidney involvement is more common in covid-19 then other severe viral infections. Also, all kind of kidney patients- dialysis dependent or non-dialysis dependent even post transplant patients are more suspectible to COVID-19 infection.

All Is Not Bad For Kidney Patients:

Data from Wuhan from where this epidemic broke out shows more number of dialysis patients were infected but death rates similar to general population. It is may be due to kidney patients are not able to mount inflammatory response as healthy persons can have hence although infectivity is high , rate of death may not be higher.

Social Distancing” For Dialysis Patients-

Patients who are on regular dialysis are ought to come to their dialysis centers. They can easily catch infection from their fellow patients, care givers and dialysis staff. Dialysis centre should maintain adequate gap between two patients, atleast 3 feet with the fellow patient. Patients with upper respiratory tract symptoms should wear mask and should be handled by single staff only.
Kidney involvement in covid-19 infection- Around 50 percent of the COVID 19 infected patients leaks protein in their urine. Around 15 percent of all patients shown to have deranged kidney functions and it confers poor prognosis as well. Recent modalities like continuous renal replacement therapies / hemoperfusion may be beneficial in patients with severe life threatening infection.
Bottom line is prevention is the best treatment. Frequent hand washing, avoiding social gathering, avoiding rumours is the need of the hour