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Looking For Cancer Treatment? Here’s How Linear Accelerators Improve Your Treatment

Today different Cancer Center offers cutting-edge, personalised cancer treatment using modern radiation therapy procedures. One such method is the use of cutting-edge linear accelerators, such as the Varian’s TrueBeam Hyper Arc LINAC system, which is among the most advanced cancer therapy technology now in use. A linear accelerator is configured prior to each treatment session to produce high-energy X-rays that are synced as per the size, shape, and location of a tumour for tailored radiation therapy. Patients with malignant growths can be effectively treated by using a focused radiation beam.

 Purpose of Linear Accelerators

The most prevalent and preferred equipment used for external beam radiation therapy on cancer patients is a medical linear accelerator. It targets the patient’s tumour with high-energy x-rays or electrons. As a result, these advanced LINAC can precisely target and eliminate malignant cells in a patient’s body while causing minimal damage to the surrounding healthy tissue.

Cancer cells are not quickly eliminated by radiation therapy. It might take days or weeks of therapy to damage DNA sufficiently for cancer cells to die. Following the completion of the radiation therapy, the cancer cells then continue to break down for several weeks.

Radiation oncologists typically advise patients on the volume and dosage of their treatment. Additionally, a dosimetrist and a medical physicist will determine the dosage quantity and timing and compute the time for acceleration.

How is Safety Guaranteed?

It is crucial to take all necessary precautions to guarantee the patient’s safety when utilising this equipment.

  • A treatment plan is established and authorised by the radiation oncologist in consultation with the radiation dosimetrist and physician before therapy is given to the patient. To guarantee that the therapy is administered in a planned manner, the quality processes are checked. Many measures are incorporated into the accelerator that prevents it from emitting larger doses of radiation than what is prescribed.
  • Every day before a patient is treated, the radiation therapist inspects the equipment. He guarantees that the radiation strength is kept constant and that the beam performs at its best.
  • Using a closed-circuit video monitor, the radiation therapist continually monitors the patient throughout treatment. The therapy room also has a microphone so that the patient may, if necessary, talk with the therapist.
  • The safety of the operators of the linear accelerator is equally critical. The linear accelerator is housed in a chamber with lead and concrete walls, which shields the high-energy x-rays and prevents anyone outside the room from being exposed to them.

Metro Cancer Institute’s True Beam Hyper Arc contains numerous built-in safety features intended to stop the delivery of doses over the recommended level in order to ensure patient safety. Furthermore, all the equipment & tools are frequently examined for proper functioning.

Cancer in almost any part of the human body can be treated using a linear accelerator. Additionally, it may be utilised to carry out a number of radiation delivery methods, such as:

  • Traditional radiation treatment using an external beam
  • Radiation treatment with intensity modulation
  • Treatment with stereotactic body radiotherapy
  • Radiation treatment using image guidance

Benefits of Metro Cancer Institute’s Radiation Program

If your oncologist advises radiation therapy after a cancer diagnosis, our advance linear accelerator technology could help you have better results. Among the many advantages of linear accelerators for cancer therapy, we have listed a few:

  • With remarkable precision,True Beam Hyper Arc can locate tumours using fine-grained digital pictures. The name of this method is image-guided radiation treatment.
  • Compared to earlier electrostatic particle accelerators, the linear accelerator has the capacity to produce particles with higher energy if required. The accelerating voltage in these machines does not limit the particle’s energy because, in contrast to traditional accelerators, the voltage causes the particles to be accelerated several times.
  • Cancer cell growths can arise in a variety of locations throughout the body, and linear accelerators can treat them no matter where they are. Any area of the body, including the uterus, breast, cervix, or prostate, can be treated for cancer with linear accelerators.
  • High-power LINACs have also been developed to generate electrons at relativistic speeds. These are necessary due to the energy loss from synchrotron radiation experienced by rapidly moving electrons in an arc. As a result, the greatest amount of power we can apply to the electrons in a specific-sized synchrotron is constrained.
  • Hyper Arc by True Beam enable doctors to monitor your cancer’s progress on a daily basis. Cancer tracking on a regular basis allows doctors to tailor every therapy session as tumours evolve, boosting the cure rate.


Cancer therapy is revolutionised with linear accelerators, and one such highly advanced system offering Accurate, Faster, and Smarter treatments is Varian’s TrueBeam LINAC with HyperARC. It speeds up cancer treatment sessions, improves cure rates, and can be entirely tailored to an individual’s needs.

So, if you are looking for the best cancer treatment solutions, visit the Metro Cancer Institute that often this modern & patient-centric system.

Dr. Sumant Gupta

Director – Metro Cancer Institute

Metro Heart Institute with Multispecialty, Faridabad

For More visit : https://www.metrohospitalfaridabad.com/doctor/dr-sumant-gupta/