Myths And Facts About Menopause

Menopause Can Happen Only After 50

It is true that the average age of attaining menopause is 52 years. But studies have shown that any women between the age group of 45 to 55 can reach menopause, it is natural. There are about 1% of women who reach menopause even before they are 45. Most importantly symptoms of menopause like irregular menses and scanty bleeding can start showing up well before reaching menopause. These symptoms are called pre-menopausal symptoms.

As Menopause Is Natural It Does Not Require Treatment

There is a common idea that menopause as it is a natural thing to happen to women, it does not require any treatment. It is true that there are so many women who do not require any kind of treatment during post menopause. But there are some symptoms of menopause that are so severe in some women that they require medical help. This is, of course, unique for everyone and the need and type of treatment should be decided upon discussion with the physician.

Menopause Is A Disease

This may seem to be an extreme contrast to the previous point, but this idea also exists in the society. But this is an absolute myth. Menopause is no disease and every woman in this world goes through this phase in her life. In course of time and due to changes in the hormonal pattern, menopause is inevitable for every woman and this is no disease.

Hormone Replacement Therapy May Be Required!!

Hormone Replacement Therapy is the effective solution for treating postmenopausal symptoms. But that does not mean every woman who as reached menopause should opt for Hormone Replacement Therapy. It does not even mean that HRT is the only solution for treating menopausal symptoms. If the symptoms are not severe and not causing harm to your daily course of life, you can overcome the problems of menopause with regular exercise and healthy lifestyle.