Natural Ways To Boost Fertility

Generally, 50% of the couples will achieve pregnancy within 6 months of their marriage, and about 80% will get pregnant within 1 year, the remaining 20% couple struggle with different fertility issues. So here we are sharing some natural tips to boost your fertility.

Eat Less carbs:

Cutting down on carbohydrates is helpful in maintaining a healthy weight, menstrual regularities, and it is also recommended in PCOD.

A higher amount of carbs causes insulin resistance, 78% of ovulatory infertility and weight gain

Add more fibers in diet:

High fibrous diet includes whole grain, fruits, vegetables, beans, salads, sprouts. It helps in – weight reduction and washes out the excess amount of hormones (estrogen from the body which leads to infertility)

Eat Healthy food rich in Antioxidants –

it helps in damaging free radicals which are harmful to both female eggs and male sperms. It helps to increase motality of sperms, sources include fruits, vegetables, folate, zinc, vitamin C, E, A, Caroline.

Avoid excess intake of alcohol – excess alcoholic acts apposite as antioxidants studies show that drinking >5-8 drinks/week causes longer period to get pregnant. Also, it causes unwanted changes in male semen which may lead to difficult

Healthy weight gain –

larger observational studies shows that average AMI is associated with higher fertility in females. Overweight & underweight both affects fertility in the wrong way.

Calories of your diet in a day – Higher calorie intake in breakfast & lower & healthy calories in dinner is useful.

Increase Iron Intake –

Consulting iron supplements along with vitamin C helps in its absorption and also decreases the risk of ovulatory infertility (only an observational study)

Protein sources in food – replacing animal proteins (meat, fish, and eggs) with vegetable protein (beans, nuts) is helpful in boosting pregnancy.

Avoid trans fats –

transfats mainly present in fried food & bakery food are associated with negative insult.

Exercise –

It has multiple positive benefits on our health, improvement of fertility is one such, so physical activities (with moderation is a key), regular exercise as suggested by some studies that >3 hr/week increase fertility with a good chance.

Relaxation –

stressful jobs with long working houses may reduce chances of getting pregnant due to stress, depression, anxiety, counseling, meditation, yoga and holiday may improve chances.

Increase the frequency of intercourse – n- it not only increases the chance of getting pregnant but also long gaps have negative effect on sperms.

Multivitamin –

in addition to dietary and physical activity advice – regular intake of multi-vitamin may also be helpful specially those which include folic acid, green tea, vitamin B12, Vitamin E&C.

When To Seek Help

Couples should also see a fertility specialist if they are trying to get pregnant for over a year and have a history of multiple miscarriages or know that they have a genetic or medical condition that might affect their fertility.