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Skin Aging: Healthy Habits To Prevent From Skin Aging

Skin aging is an ongoing process, so we need routine care which involves good photo protection & Photo rejuvenation. Photo protection can be achieved by regular use of sunscreen. One should re-apply sunscreen every 3-4 hours and 15 mins prior to going out. Photo rejuvenation can be done through photo facials, resurfacing procedures like chemo exfoliation or peeling, Meso therapy and carbon facials. Here are some tips to avoid the skin aging process.

  • To avoid early skin aging hydrate your body by taking adequate water and moisturizing it well after quick shower with Luke warm water.
  • Avoid sweets and fried food and add richly colored and green leafy fruits & vegetables which act as antioxidants and help to reverse your aging.
  • Quick office procedure with no down time like Botox and fillers can make you young and youthful within minutes without any surgical procedure.

Facilities available at Metro Hospital Faridabad:

Hydro facials – Hydro facials are beneficial for dead skin removal, it will make your skin brighter and natural. No chemical is used in this facial.

Skin Polishing – it is helpful in removing blackheads and blockages.

Photo facials – for open pores and pigmentation.

Threads – For lower facelift, neck lift, double chin.