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State of the art Dialysis Centre in Faridabad

Dialysis is artificial purification of the blood. It helps in the kidney functioning by removing extra water, electrolytes and waste products from your body. It helps to manage blood pressure, increase red blood cell levels, and maintain healthy levels of vitamins and minerals that patient body requires.

The Dialysis Center in Metro Hospital Faridabad provides state-of-the-art dialysis services in a comfortable and home-like facility. For people with kidney disease requiring kidney dialysis, we offer:

  • World class dialysis center, open 7 days a week, and operates three shifts in a day (each handling 30 patients), Doing more than 2500 sessions per month
  • All nephrology services including Hemo-dialysis, peritoneal dialysis, renal biopsy, kidney transplant care was done under the guidance of experienced nephrologists.
  • Dedicated double RO water plant exclusively for patients.
  • Isolation room for seropositive patients with separate machines.
  • SRCS global, LLC, USA supported dialysis programs to maintain highest quality of patient care.
  • Special dietary consultation, where dieticians with expertise in kidney disorders provide ongoing guidance for nutritional needs.
  • A dedicated team of highly experienced doctors, technicians, dietician and support staff who works together to provide complete care to people with kidney disorders.

Dr. Sagar Gupta

Consultant – Nephrology

Metro Heart Institute with Multispecialty, Faridabad

For more visit: https://www.metrohospitalfaridabad.com/doctor/dr-sagar-gupta/