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Things You Should Eat In Summer.

Summer is the hottest season of the year. The days are warm, hot, and long. We can experience the roasting sun hitting and can hardly experience a pleasant environment around us. So we need to keep ourselves Re-hydrated.

Fruits & vegetables in India, like other countries, depend a lot on the local temperature as well as natural soil quality and natural resources of that area. But most of the time, fruits are ignored as part of the daily diet, whereas in reality fruits available in this season are juicy and wonderfully popular & some of them also help us to be cool in this dry heat.

So here are a few important fruits & vegetables which should be an indispensable part of our daily diet during summer times –


A. Mangoes:King of fruit which is also rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants.

B. Watermelon: Watermelon contains lycopene which protects skin cells from sun damage. This low-calorie, highly refreshing fruit is sweet and soft and dripping with water, hence making it an ideal for the dry hot summer days

C. Musk Melon: Another fruit that is not only rich in water content but also rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Zinc and potassium

D. Lychees: Also rich in iron, phosphorous

F. Plums: A natural source of Vitamin C and helpful for our digestive system

G. Papaya: Though does not contain too much water but is very good for the digestive system

H. Pineapple: As it contains 87% water, it makes it an extremely hydrating option for hot summer days

I. Lemon: Rich source of vitamin C. Drinking lemon juice is best for not only for quenching thirst but also the best way to keep rehydrated.

J. Peach: This fruit contains 89% of water so keeps us hydrated even if you forget to drink a lot of water.


This is a dairy product and not only helps to beat the heat but also strengthens our immunity system. It can be had with fresh fruits, in the form of a sweet-spicy glass of buttermilk post-meal or a glass of sweetened creamy milk (Lassi) or as a fruit smoothie. Raita can be one form of a side dish with meals.

Coconut Water:

It is a simple sugar and contains a lot of essential minerals that keep one hydrated and healthy.


A. Cucumber: Has high water content to keep us hydrated during summers. The presence of potassium and vitamin E helps to rejuvenate the skin. Regular consumption of cucumber relieves digestive problems such as gastritis, heartburn, acidity, and constipation & is Ideal for weight loss

B. Tomatoes: They can be consumed as raw or in the form of vegetables or chutneys too. They are a great source of vitamin C, potassium, folate, and vitamin K & also contain beneficial phytochemicals called lycopene which protects our skin from damage caused by the sun.

C. Onions: Possess amazing cooling properties and can be had in salads, chutneys, or added in vegetables and curries. Eating raw onions also helps to prevent heatstroke by keeping the body cool from inside. It also boosts our immune system especially in summers.

D. Mint: This is traditionally known to be cooling & can be used to make tasty chutneys with its cooling and refreshing taste. Tulsi leaves also known as a detoxifying and cleansing agent, cools the body system in extreme heat.

Tips To Keep Your Cool Down:

  • Drink a lot of water every day a minimum of 2-3 liters including coconut water, lemon water, chaas, lassi, etc.
  • Eat lots of fruits & vegetables with high water content Eg. WaterMelon, musk melon, cucumber, etc.
  • Consume dishes and drinks which contain mint, tulsi, onions.
  • Eat light, nutritious and non-fatty meals.
  • Avoid sugary foods and minimize the intake of hot, spicy, and extremely salty foods.

We do not have any control over nature and its adverse effects, but we can always choose the right actions to meet them and keep ourselves safe.