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Winters Can Trigger Heart Ailments

Winters can trigger heart ailments, Follow these tips to stay health

Heart diseases should never be taken lightly, especially during winters. Various researches and experts have always suggested winters as one of the most cautious periods for people suffering from heart ailments. Doctors have usually noticed that there is an increase in heart attacks by around 50% during the harsh season.

The heart has to work harder to maintain body heat during winter. As the temperature drops, arteries tend to shrink and tighten which in turn restricts blood flow and reduces oxygen supply. Cold weather, being indoors more often, lack of vitamin D and changes in the daylight to nighttime ratio all play a role in increasing a person’s overall risk of cardiac problems during the winter that needs medical or surgical intervention from the best cardiologist in Faridabad.

  • Cold mornings without sun are not the best time to have a walk for heart patients
  • Stressing and winter are not a good combination for your heart
  • Early treatments will help you recover soon and stay healthy

Does cold weather affect heart patients?

Cold weather and your heart. … Elderly people are especially vulnerable in winter months, particularly if the cold causes a drop in their body temperature (hypothermia). Cold weather makes your heart work harder to keep your body warm, so your heart rate and blood pressure may increase.

Is cold weather bad for your heart?

Cold weather makes your heart work harder to keep your body warm, so your heart rate and blood pressure may increase. … The cold can also cause changes to your blood that may increase the risk of developing blood clots, which could lead to a heart attack or stroke.

How does cold temperature affect heart rate?

An extremely important factor affecting exercise heart rate is temperature. Warmer temperatures cause the heart to beat faster and place considerable strain on the body. Simply put, when it is hot, the body must move more blood to the skin to cool it while also maintaining blood flow to the muscles.

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