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  • 46 year old Tajikistan lady undergoes 4th Heart Surgery at Metro Hospital, Faridabad

Recently a rare surgery was performed on 46 year old Tajikistan female at Metro Hospital, Faridabad. The patient was admitted with the history of breathlessness, easy fatigability & pedal edema feet for last one year.  As it was a very complexed & difficult case to deal, the case was discussed in detail with cardiothoracic surgery department headed by Dr. Saurabh Juneja. The family was informed about the complexities & risk associated with redo surgery & valve replacement which was immediately required in the patient as her symptoms were very grave. 

Despite the difficulties & guarded outcome associated with such surgeries, the team cardiothoracic surgery at Metro Hospital, Faridabad decided to proceed with redo surgery.

For any cardiothoracic surgeon, it was the most complicated & difficult procedure to do surgery on a patient who has already been operated thrice in past. Generally doing redo valve replacement in these patient are associated with very high risk of complication like excessive bleeding, heart muscle tear, infection & chances of non-healing previous surgeries make chest wall of the patient very friable & difficult to operate through the same route due to thick adhesions. But the cardiothoracic surgical team at Metro Hospital, Faridabad headed by Dr. Saurabh Juneja with his colleagues Dr. Firdos Mir Ahmed, Consultant, Cardiothoracic surgery and Cardiac Anesthetist operated upon the patient by replacing both diseased valve-mitral & aortic. The procedure went on well & patient recovered very well after this major surgical procedure.

Dr. Neeraj Jain shared that 3rd redo valve replacement surgery is a very complex procedure with very high mortality associated. He added, “I feel proud of my CT surgery team for undertaking the challenge & successfully accomplishing it.  It requires lot of expertise, good team of doctors, facilities in terms of ultra modern equipments, best equipped operation theaters & excellent team work.