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98 year old Undergoes Successful Angioplasty at Metro Hospital Faridabad

Cardiac team at a Metro Hospital Faridabad has given a new lease of life to a 98 year old heart patient with multiple health conditions. Mr. Dewan came into the emergency department with complaints of severe pain in the left side of the chest and sweating. Patient is a known case of right sided kidney tumor, for which his tumor was removed surgically and patient had taken chemotherapy.

Initial investigations showed acute heart attack which is a life threatening condition which occur when blood flow to the heart muscle is cut off due to blockage of heart artery, causing tissue damage. This is usually the result of a blockage in one or more of the coronary arteries. In lieu of acute MI, patient underwent angiography by Dr. Neeraj Jain, Sr. Interventional Cardiologist & Medical Director of the hospital which revealed a critical block in the LAD artery which supply major part of heart.

Angioplasty stenting carries risk in patient as he can go into kidney failure, but it was his only chance of survival. After explaining the family about the risk involve and the procedure, consent was taken and Mr. Dewan underwent coronary angioplasty to LAD artery successfully, using single drug coated stent. Patient was stable after the procedure and got discharged in a stable condition.

Dr. Neeraj Jain, said that considering patient’s old age and multiple health conditions, it was a challenging case, a small delay in opening the vessel would have been proved fatal.” He further added “patients at this age can do quite well after angioplasty, providing they are appropriate candidate and treating doctor is well experienced to handle such complex cases," said Dr. Neeraj Jain.

Generally elderly patients ignore their sufferings and feared undergoing heart procedures. But that is just a myth, angioplasty is safe option and is lifesaving procedure.” Dr. Jain added.

It’s a myth that angioplasty is not safe in old patients. We do lots of angioplasty procedure in more than 80 yrs old patients. Dr. Neeraj Jain (Medical Director & Sr. Interventional Cardiologist) of the hospital said. We are doing such complex procedures on regular basis. Our hospital is known for its comprehensive heart care by highly skilled cardiac team. We have kept the high standards of care which is the keystone of our success and all equipment’s are of best in the world to provide 100% safety to our patients” He further added.