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Pregnancy is a time when multiple emotions play into a woman?s life, from the joy of being a mother to the fear of going through the childbirth. Pregnancy, if uneventful, is a time of almost pleasure a memorable experience for a woman but any complication, if left unattended can ruin the celebrations.

Following case is an example, her how a complications if handled at right time in right hands can work wonder for the patient & the family.

Mrs. Prema, 28 yrs female came to our OPD at 7-1/2 months pregnancy. This was her first pregnancy. On routine examination, we found that her blood pressure was very high in the range of 200/120 mm of hg. She was having swelling all over the body & her urine examination showed significant leakage of protein from the body. This was an ominous sign suggestive of negative effect of high blood pressure on the baby & mother. This condition is known as ?pre-eclampsia?. The severity of the disease was so much so, that baby?s growth retardation set in & the fetus was grossly smaller then the corresponding gestational age. This was an emergency, which if not dealt immediately can lead to fetal demise.

The mother was admitted immediately& series of tests were conducted to evaluate the situation. Detailed Doppler studies showed significant reduction in the blood supply to baby in form of severe utero placental insufficiency.

Despite best of effects by team of physicians, the BP could not be controlled as is usual happening in this condition. After discussion with the family members decision for emergency caesarean was taken to save mother and child.

A 950 Gms beautiful female baby was delivered. As the baby was very low birth weight & there were sign of distress due to compromised blood flow, she required immediate resuscitation.

Baby was kept in well equipped, state of art Neonatal ICU of the Metro Heart Institute with Multispecialty. Baby was put on ventilator as her lung maturity was not adequate. Inj. ?Surfactant? was administered, which is a highly specialized and advanced form of treatment for lung immaturely in preterm babies known as Hyaline membrane disease.

An array of complication, which is associated with such small, babies happened, they were dealt by a team of predicetrician very efficiently.

Few such complications like Necrotizing enterocolites and neonatal jaundice etc. are serious condition, where you have to anticipate & do the corrective action simultaneously .Maintaining nutrition of these babies are again a big challenge, as their organs & gut are not fully developed. Baby was maintained on parenteral nutrition & later on mother?s milk was gradually introduced.

Due to tireless effects & precise decision making of our pediatrician & dedicated staff, now the baby is 1700gms & has started accepting feed orally.

Very soon, the baby will be discharged from the Nursery.

This is just one of many cases dealt in Metro hospital, Faridabad. The NICU of the institution is well equipped with all latest, state of art equipments, informed Gynecologist Team of the hospital. We have a team of three dedicated Pediatricians who are available round the clock and are capable of dealing with all critical emergencies in children. The supportive staff is competent and extensively trained to deal with all casualties. In last 11/2 years department has saved many small children