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A Rare case: Total Knee Replacement of Dislocated Knees at Metro Hospital Faridabad

Dedicated to saving and enriching lives beyond limits, Dr. Anuj Dogra, Sr. Joint replacement surgeon at Metro Hospital Faridabad performed rare case of Total Knee replacement of dislocated knees on a 49- year-old female patient.

Patient presented with complaints of excruciating pain in both her knees due to which she was unable to walk and was bedridden for a long time. Her pain and sufferings were increasing day by day. She consulted various big doctors in Delhi/NCR but did not get any relief.

She visited Metro Hospital Faridabad joint disease OPD for consultation. After all investigations, she was diagnosed to have dislocated knees, a very rare medical condition. It means two bones (femur and tibia) that come together to form the knee joint have been thrust out of place and not in contact with each other because of which she could not move her knees and her legs bent permanently. Dislocated knee is an extremely painful condition, a delayed treatment of a knee dislocation may also result in loss of the leg.

Seeing the patient’s progressive pain, Dr. Anuj Dogra decided to perform a total knee replacement. After all evaluation and investigation, total knee replacement of the dislocated knees were done successfully and patient recovered satisfactorily. She started walking with the support from the very next day.

These type of rare procedures require high skills and excellent surgical precision to achieve 100% success. Dr. Anuj Dogra having performed thousands of knee replacement felt this was an extremely challenging case with very high risk.

Dr Dogra and his experienced team in knee surgery had the goal to perform safe and meticulous surgery in an efficient and effective manner which was successfully accomplished.

Dr. Anuj Dogra, Sr. Joint & Knee replacement surgeon said, “It was a challenging case for us, as the arteries supplying the blood to the leg were close to the knee structures and extremely fragile, which made procedure more complicated. It took hours to complete the procedure. Now the patient will have faster recovery with improved quality of life. The patient is already delighted as she stood and walked after ages.