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  • Amputated finger of Child Saved (re-implanted) at Metro Hospital, Faridabad

A 6 years old child was brought to Metro Hospital, Faridabad with history of amputation of left ring finger. On examination it was found that the distal part of the ring finger was completely severed & was lying attached only by a small skin tag. There was complete disruption of skin, bones, nerves & vessels due to injury. After initial workup & review by our senior plastic surgeon Dr. Kaveshver Ghura, the decision of re-implantation of finger was taken after discussion with parents. The procedure was done under high magnification of state of art Karl Zeiss Microscope. It was a technically difficult & challenging procedure due to very small size (microscopic) of blood vessels in the child. Anastomosis of severed blood vessels & nerves needs lot of expertise and was done successfully in five hours long surgery. 

He congratulated the entire team of Surgery & Dr. Kaveshver Ghura for taking up this challenges & good results. He said that such high end procedures are possible due to availability of world class equipments (Karl Zeiss Microscope), cutting edge technologies, Zero infection rate in our modular OTs & a dedicated surgical team.

Our centre has facilities where such complicated hand injuries & surgeries are done with good success rate. Finger of 6 years old child was re-implanted successfully with salvage of ring finger. The child is now doing fine & recovery fast. This is possible only if patient with chopped part of body is brought quickly to hospital.