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Best Hospital for Hand Reconstruction Surgery - Metro Hospital Faridabad

Metro Hospital Faridabad is the prominent name in hand reconstruction surgeries. Department of plastic surgery has treated more than 250 patients till now.

Recently a 26 year old young male patient came to emergency department after his hand got crushed in a road traffic accident. He was in great pain and in state of shock, as he don’t want to lose his hand. Dr. Kaveshwar Singh Ghura, Sr. Plastic Surgeon visited the patient. Patient have a huge defect of 6cm X 6cm over the palmar aspect of left hand with cut nerve and vessels.

Dr. Kaveshwar decided to perform a reconstructive surgery on patient palms using flap. After patient consent, reconstruction of the defect was done in single surgery with repair of digital nerve and vessels. By this, not only the defect was covered but also, a finger of the hand was salvaged.

Hand reconstructive surgery is performed for rebalancing the hand for useful function. Moreover, it is also effective in improving the appearance of the hands cosmetically, and in doing so, improve the patient's self-image.

Dr. Kaveshwar Ghura, Sr. Consultant, Plastic Surgery Department said that reconstruction surgery is very successful, as most of the patients regain functionality in a diseased limb with in a period of six months to one year followed by a routine check-ups and physiotherapy.

At Metro Hospital Faridabad, our team of experts are regularly doing complex cases of hand reconstruction, re-plantation surgeries, brachial plexus, acute vascular injuries and nerve injury etc.