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  • Brain Tumor of Pituitary gland removed endoscopically without Surgery at Metro Hospital, Faridabad

Recently a 35 years old young patient visited Metro Hospital, Faridabad with history of sudden onset of closing of right eye (Ptosis) and severe headache of 5 days.

On initial evaluation it was found that he was suffering from Ptosis, a condition where due to compassion of 3rd cranial nerve in brain, eyelid closes eye & there is inability to see on right medial side & upward. So there was some pathology in his brain which was putting pressure on his 3rd cranial nerve & thus manifesting these symptoms. To find out the reason, his MRI scan was performed which showed a tumor in pituitary gland in the brain known as pituitary adenoma. It was extending in adjacent cavernus sinus also and thus compressing other vital system also, so need was to remove this tumor earliest possible

Dr. Dinesh Ratnani, Sr. Neurosurgeon at Metro Hospital decided to remove this tumor through trans sphenoidal route (through nose) without going in for open surgery. He opted for this technically difficult procedure due to quick recovery of the patient & it is a more patient friendly technique though technically demanding procedure.

Endoscope was introduced through nose & seller floor was reached. After opening of Dura (one of the protective layer around the brain), yellowish gray tumor was removed followed by curattage to ensure 100% remove of tumor.

Patient was kept under observation in intensive post op surgical area and was observed for CSF leak (Brain fluid) which was not there. His Ptosis improved immediately after surgery & he could open right eye. On 3rd day, dressing of nose was removed & he was discharged on 5th day in satisfactory condition.

Dr. Neeraj Jain congratulated Dr. Dinesh Ratnani & his team for doing this fine surgery endoscopically. He Appreciated, Dr. Ratnani's skills in doing minimally invasive spine & brain surgery which are helpful in fast recovery & thus early discharge of the patient. He added that availability of very fine, high end endoscopic system & world class ICU setups are very important facilities for our ability to take up such challenging cases & I feel proud of my team of highly qualified & skilled specialists. I wish them all success.

Could not open his eye due to 3rd nerve compressing by tumor