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  • Complex Surgery for Spine Tumor was done by Neurosurgery Team at Metro Hospital, Faridabad

Neurosurgery team of Metro Hospital, Faridabad performed a very complicated surgery for the tumor of nerves in a young Iraqi boy named Yusuf. From last two years, he was suffering from weakness of his right upper limb for which he had undergone spine surgery but did not get any relief, and his condition starts deteriorating. 

Patient’s father said “one year back my son got operated for spine tumor at a big hospital in India, but he did not get any relief, and a few days back we came back to India again for his treatment. We consulted various hospitals in Delhi/NCR but did not get satisfactory response or assurance for recovery of paralysis after the surgery. On the advice of one of our relative, we consulted neurosurgery team at Metro Hospital, Faridabad and they assured me about the recovery of my son so I decided to pursue his treatment here and I am glad to say that my son is improving well. 

Dr Tarun Sharma, Head of brain & spine surgery unit at Metro Hospital, Faridabad gave brief about the case and said that the patient had a tumor of the spinal cord which got spread along the nerves which controls the movements of the upper limb because of involvement of these nerves patient had paralysis of his right upper limb. He was operated about nine months back at a private hospital in India, but due to its difficult location and involvement of multiple nerves, it was not fully removed that’s why the patient had no significant relief in his symptoms & his paralysis was not improved. Dr. Sharma explained that the surgery took three hours without any complications and our operative team did the surgery with a precise planning. Monitoring of nerves which were involved by the tumor was done during the surgery so tumor was fully removed and his upper limb paralysis is improved after the surgery. This patient is now very happy & planning to go back to his country with a good recovery.