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Recently A patient Dr. Y.N. Gupta, 69 years old male, was admitted at Metro Hospital, Faridabad with complaints of chest discomfort, suffocation with breathlessness on exertion. He is a known heart patient & already had coronary artery bypass surgery in 2005 & angioplasty in the past. Based on his symptoms his angiography was done which showed chronic, very hard block of right coronary artery of very long duration which was responsible for his symptoms.

With this complaint Dr. Gupta visited leading heart hospital of Gurgaon but was offered only medical treatment because of difficulty in opening 10 years old hard block. He was not fit for second bypass surgery also.

Dr. Neeraj Jain (Medical Director & Sr. Interventional Cardiologist) decided to take up this case and opened right coronary artery block with newer technique Crusade Catheter.

He accomplished this challenging task by using crusade catheter. He with his team successfully opened the right coronary artery block. Patient was relieved of his symptoms & his physical well being improved drastically.

Dr. Neeraj Jain informed that crusade catheter is a breakthrough invention by Japanese Cardiologists who are world leader in coronary interventions. This is a wonderful catheter to open long standing, very hard blocks of heart vessels which otherwise could not be opened. Such patients are left with only option of medical management with which they might not get relief. Such patients are forced to live with lot of symptoms which limits their physical activities also. In such cases new Crusade catheter is a boon and with the use of this new technology, such difficult blocks can be opened and stented.