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  • Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) can Transform Life of Parkinsonism Patient.

Parkinson disease is a progressive neurological disease that causes a person's hands, head, or voice to shake or tremble, other symptoms includes slowness of body movements and mood disturbances. These conditions can completely affect a person’s quality of life, preventing him from being able to dress or feed himself or do other daily routine activities. Medications are also not very successful in parkinson’s disease, as it tend to lose effectiveness with time.

49 year old male from Iraq, diagnosed with Parkinson disease 5 years back. With the time, his disease progressed and forced him to become dependent on others for almost everything, his tremors, inability to walk and other symptoms were becoming more worse even with regular medicines. To get rid of his symptoms and explore latest treatment options for his disease, he visited India and consulted Dr. Sachin Goel and Dr. Tarun Sharma at Neurosurgery Department of the Metro Hospital Faridabad.

After thorough evaluation, Dr. Sachin Goel decided to perform a life changing surgical procedure known as deep brain stimulation (DBS). Dr. Goel said “DBS is an excellent treatment option for people with severe Parkinson disease, it has life changing effects on these patients. When Parkinson patients come to our OPD, they have severe symptoms and most of them are hopeless because of progressive nature of this disease. After DBS surgery watching these patients to return in their life in a healthy & normal way is our actual reward.”

DBS is a surgical procedure which involves the implantation of stimulating electrodes into select targets of the brain. These electrodes are used to interrupt faulty communication between brain regions that result in the relief of symptoms of parkinson’s disease. This is a surgical procedure which is quite safe and better than medical management for severe parkinsonism.