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As per WHO Liver disease ranks as top 10 killer disease in India. Very few people know that liver being the second largest organ in the body plays an important role in the body’s digestive system. It helps fights infections, removes toxins from body, makes protein and releases bile which helps in digestion. To spread awareness about liver health, Metro Heart Institute with Multispecialty organized a free liver screening program on Saturday where around 200 people got themselves analyzed with LFT and Fibroscan. Consultation by Dr. Vishal Khurana, Sr. Gastroenterologist provided to patients who have abnormal screening results to discuss next steps and treatment options.

The aim of the screening was to make people understand the importance of health screenings as it helps to keep a watch on arising lifestyle diseases. It also helps in timely diagnosis and early treatment. Dr. Vishal Khurana said screening for liver disease is important for early detection since significant damage may occur with few or no symptoms.

Symptoms of liver disease can vary from person to person, but they often include poor appetite, nausea, pain in abdomen changes in the color of urine, and jaundice, or yellowing of the skin & eyes, and swelling in the leg. Tests such as liver function tests and imaging can check for liver damage and help to diagnose liver diseases.

Let’s understand the importance of LFT (Liver function test) and Fibroscan?

LFT is a series of special blood tests that often determine the functioning of Liver. This test helps to distinguish between acute and chronic liver disorders and between hepatitis and cholestasis.

Unlike liver biopsy, fibroscan is a noninvasive assessment of liver stiffness. It also helps to identify the amount of fat in liver and monitors the progression or regression of a liver disease, thus allowing treatment to be tailored to individual need. 

At Metro Heart Institute with Multispecialty, we offer advanced treatment for disorders of the liver, biliary tree, pancreas, and other gastrointestinal diseases, and by diagnostic and therapeutic GI endoscopic procedures.