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  • Laparoscopic Splenectomy in a young male for ruptured spleen after road traffic accident – A rare surgery performed in Metro Hospital.

A young unmarried male was brought to Metro Hospital Faridabad after a road accident in semi-conscious state, after resuscitation on CECT abdomen & thorax Scan it was diagnosed that he has ruptured spleen with abdominal distension, peritonism and persistent tachycardia. These injuries can have serious and even life-threatening outcomes if not accurately diagnosed and managed in a timely manner. 

Splenectomy was needed for this particular patient which is done by open method in most of Delhi/NCR hospitals. Open surgery involve long incision of 20 cm and severe post op pain with lot of other morbidities.

At metro hospital Faridabad, Dr. Mradul Garg & Dr. Sachin Mittal team performed this complicated surgery by Laparoscopic method. Patient had only five less than 1 CM incision. He was able to walk next day with minimal pain. Laparoscopy could be attempted as patient presented early and was hemodynamically stable. 

Dr. Mradul Garg & Sachin Mittal said that doing laparoscopy in such critical patients is very challenging. It need advance laparoscopy skill, well equipped OT, ICU & hospital set up.  

Doing surgery by laparoscopy in these emergency patients saves lot of post operation complication to patient with excellent quality of life.