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Lot of information about cancer is available online but most of it is misleading or wrong, misconceptions about cancer causes can lead to unnecessary worry about your health. Find out whether there's any truth to these common myths about the causes of cancer.

Common myths about cancer

Cancer is not curable, it means end of life!

This is absolutely misleading statement, as more than 80% cancers can be treated if diagnosed in early stages. Right treatment combines with positive lifestyle can increase the life span of the patients.

Is cancer contagious?

Cancer is not contagious disease and therefore cannot spread through kissing, or touching. A healthy person cannot catch cancer from a person who has the disease, nor can it be spread by close contact with a cancer patient. Only in rare circumstance in which cancer can be passed from one person to another involves organ or tissue transplant.

Is Biopsy or FNACNB helps in spreading cancer?

Specialist surgeons know how to safely take biopsy samples and to remove tumors without causing cancer to spread. They may remove some healthy tissue around the cancer, to ensure that all of the detectable cancer is removed.

Will eating sugar makes cancer worse?

No studies shows that sugar makes your cancer worse. Eating excessive sugar will promote weight gain and obesity which is associated with an increased risk of developing several type of complications including cancer.

Are all tumors are cancers?

All tumors are not cancerous, it is basically a swelling or enlargement which is either benign or malignant growth. Benign is a non-cancerous tumor. It rarely spreads to other parts of the body, and can be usually treated by surgery only. Malignant tumour is cancer, as it may spread to other parts of the body and often recurs after removal if not treated with chemotherapy or radiotherapy

Smoking hookah does not cause cancer.

Tobacco is tobacco, no matter what. Smoking or chewing tobacco in any form like hookah, cigars, pipes, shisha (plain or flavored), e cigarettes, beedi and other types of smokeless tobacco can cause cancer. Because it contains cancer-causing chemicals and nicotine. 

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