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  • Oman Patient Started Walking Many Years After Undergoing Complex Spine Surgery at Metro Hospital, Faridabad.

Mrs. Nasra Umairi, 61 yr old lady from sultanat of Oman presented to Metro Hospital, Faridabad with history of severe low backache and radiation of pain in left lower leg & numbness for last 5-6yrs gradually increased. She was also having pain in neck radiating to shoulder.

The pain in leg was so severe that she was not able to walk properly. She is a diabetic & hypertensive patient along with H/o atrial fibrillation (Heart Rhythm disorder).

She was seen by ortho team of Metro Hospital, Faridabad. During initial investigation MRI cervical spine showed multiple level foramina narrowing & Nerve compression.

MRI spine also showed significant spondylosis canal narrowing and nerve root compression most marked at L4-L5 level. Due to significant Nerve compression, she was having severe neuronal symptoms, which were not controlled by drugs along with numbness.

Patient was taken for a highly complex surgical procedure which included discectomy (removal of intervening disc between vertebral bodies) at C4-5 & C6-7 with anterior cervical vertebral fusion at C4-5 & C6-7. Fusion was done by using PEEK cages cervical plates. Also L3-4 Laminectomy, L4-5 Dissectomy and L3-4-5. Spinal fusion by riddick screw & rods were done. This was a very complex procedure. She tolerated the procedure very well & her pain reduced drastically after the surgery. Her recovery was remarkable & she is discharged in very good condition.

Dr. Neeraj Jain, MD Metro Hospital informed that in such severe form of spinal disease, generally patient’s quality of life is grossly compromised & they either keep on taking high doses of pain killer or limit their movements drastically making them practically helpless & bed bound.

But with the availability of complex procedural correction & competent team of Doctors (ortho, anaesthetist, critical care specialist), it is possible now to lead normal life after correction of deformities. He congratulated the team on this big achievement.

The patient & relatives were thankful to entire team of Metro Hospital, Faridabad.