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Mrs. Haseeba Khalaf, 75 years old female suffering from chest pain and breathlessness on minimal exertion was bought to Metro Hospital, Faridabad recently. She was having uncontrolled blood pressure and was diabetic. She was on multiple drugs to control blood pressure but it remained very high. She was advised bypass surgery in her country Iraq because of serious blockages in all 3 arteries of the heart. Dr Saurabh Juneja, chief cardiothoracic surgeon at Metro Hospital Faridabad, reviewed the case in detail and said she had a very high risk of paralysis and kidney failure during bypass surgery because of 90-95% blockage in main arteries of right and left kidney and 90% blockage in left carotid artery (main artery of the brain). Therefore she could not undergo bypass surgery.  

As the blockage of a right artery of heart was a long chronic total occlusion with calcification, therefore nobody could think of angioplasty and stenting in her right artery.

Without doing bypass surgery or angioplasty her life was in great danger with an additional risk of paralysis & kidney failure. 

To save the life of a patient with such serious blocks, a team of cardiologists, Dr. Neeraj Jain took up the challenge of opening all blocks of heart, kidney, and brain in 2 sittings with a gap of 2 days in-between thereby saving all 3 vital organs of the body. 7 stents were deployed in heart arteries, both kidneys and left brain artery successfully. 

She became absolutely fine immediately after two procedures and her blood pressure is normal now without any medicine. She is ready to go back home in Iraq within 2 days. 

Dr. Neeraj Jain, Managing Director & Senior Interventional Cardiologist who performed the entire procedure shared that we have put 7 stents in this patient who was not fit for bypass surgery and the results are very satisfactory. He said it was a challenging case where multiple blockages of brain, & and kidneys were dealt. 

Technical expertise and lot of patience while evaluating and making a decision were required which led to the good outcome. With technical advancement impossible right heart artery was opened with the help of Japanese crusade technique.