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It's been very well said by some one that "savior is mightier than destroyer" and same has been once again proved by the doctors of Metro Hospital, Faridabad by saving life of Mr Kartar Singh, 95 years old male. He was admitted in Metro Hospital in a very critical condition. He happened to be an old case of triple vessel block and had already undergone angioplasty stenting for those three vessels. Under such circumstances if the patient again presents with acute coronary symptoms to save patient's life becomes very difficult for a doctor. But Mr. Kartar Singh had something else in his fate as he reached hospital well in time before anything adverse could have happened. After arrival he was immediately investigated and found to have one fresh block in his heart vessel.

While breefing about the criticality of this case, hospital's medical superintendent and Sr. Cardiologist Dr. Neeraj Jain revealed that in such clinical condition and at his age to treat him by supplementing excess amount of platelets or to let him undergo CABG (by pass) would have been fatal, so the only option left for treatment was to undergo angioplasty stenting to the culprit vessel. With the help of associates and Cath Lab team a successful angioplasty was done of the vessel which has caused fresh infact. Now patient is quite well and has been discharged from hospital. Patient's attendant's were also very pleased as their timely arrival at hospital had payed them well.

Dr. Neeraj Jain (Medical Director & Sr. Interventional Cardiologist), Metro Hospital revealed that even though they do many angioplasties daily but there was something special about this patient. At his age of 95 years and even being a post angioplasty stenting case of all three major vessels he was doing pretty well in his life. He was leading a healthy normal life. Primarily all his systems and organs were also functioning well. 

The Managing Director, Metro Hospital, Dr. Neeraj Jain said that he feels perviledged to provide state of art world class health services & latest equipment facilities to the people of Faridabad to save their precious lives. He mentioned that in past also Metro Hospital has been successful in providing medical treatment with latest technologies in improving and maintaining the health of patients.