Dental Implants

Department of Dental surgery at Metro Hospital, Faridabad is well equipped with all the latest technologies used worldwide to bring quality dental care within the reach of every individual at reasonable cost.

A 42 year old NRI female patient had reported to the department with chief complain of missing lower teeth. She wanted fixed teeth for herself & was refused treatment in her own country as bone support was very weak. CBCT revealed the same & her case was rejected for fixed teeth. Our Maxillofacial surgeon (Dr. Ashish Garg) took over her case & gave her option of implants supported fixed teeth. Implant is a surgical component used to replace or restore one or more multiple missing teeth. It offers natural looks and function like a natural teeth. As patient bone support was very weak, BOI implant which are highly technique sensitive & unique of its kind were selected for the case. In India, very few doctors have been trained to use such implants. Two BOI implants and 7 noble implants were successfully placed in her lower jaw. Within 15 days, whole procedure including 7 implants & 12 caps was completed. Patient came after 1 year for follow-up with here relative as she had to undergo bariatric surgery too at Metro Hospital, Faridabad. She was very happy with her teeth.

Along with highly skilled team of doctors, a strict sterilization protocol for both instruments as well as operatory is mandatory to ensure a successful outcome of implant therapy, says Dr. Ashish Garg, Sr. Implantologist & HOD. Our hospital is maintaining highest standards for quality care & sterilization for the same. Our other exclusive facilities includes: single sitting RCT, Zirconia Crown, Invisible braces, Teeth bleaching, complete denture & Pediatric dentistry.