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Tips To Boost Your Immune System To Fight Off Diseases

Immunity, naturally or acquired, can be defined as a condition that permits resistance to any disease. And it is this immunity which keeps us from becoming sick. In this system “food” comprises of a main component of “active immunity” wherein our own immune system becomes responsible for protecting us from pathogens.

Now especially during this global pandemic, we all are working for our groceries to be filled with anything and everything that gives this immune system a boost. Since there is no one particular super food that can help cure/prevent/treat infections, hence the term, “immune boosting foods” came into play. These immune boosting foods are a combination of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins & proteins that helps keep our overall health too. Hence, a healthy, balanced diet plays an important role in staying well. The following foods may also help us to further boost our immune system:

  • Citrus Foods – helps in the production of white blood cells, thus helping us to fight infections. Orange, lemon, grape fruit, amla are some of the best source of this vitamin C.
  • Turmeric – This is a strong antioxidant and has an anti-inflammatory property. “Curcumin” the active ingredient in turmeric helps to fight off infections.
  • Fermented foods – These help to provide us with beneficial bacteria (probiotics) which in turn keep our gut happy.
  • Omega – 3 fatty acids- It is vital for optimal health. This antioxidant enhances our ability to fight infection while mitigating chronic inflammation. The common foods high in Omega – 3 fatty acids are –
    a. Almonds (6-7 nuts daily),
    b. walnuts (4-5 nuts daily),
    c. methi seeds (1tsp with warm water early in the morning),
    d. flax seeds (1 tbsp coarsely powdered and mix into you regular atta while making dough for chapptis),
    e. mustard oil ( used as a cooking medium).
  • Carotenoids (plant pigments responsible for natural bright colour in fruits & vegetables) –these play a role as natural antibodies generally found in yellow, orange, red coloured fruits & vegetables, like – carrots, red-yellow bell peppers, mango, papaya, green leafy vegetables.
  • Tulsi – This is an adaptogenic herb i.e. it helps in adapting to stress and also boost energy. It contact in rosmarinic acid which is an antioxidant & anti-inflammatory, and is also used as an alternative medicine for asthma, bronchitis, cold and flu.

All said and done, it is very important to keep in mind that the immune system is complex. So eating a healthy, balanced diet is not the one way to support immune health. Other lifestyle changes that may affect immune system health are exercising and avoiding smoking. And Prevention is always better than cure.