Diet For Common Fever

There are certain simple dietary recommendations that can help hasten the recovery from fever. Eating right and getting enough rest is essential when trying to avoid illnesses and this includes the prevention of fevers, which when ignored for longer can require critical care hospital in Faridabad.

  • Have lot of fluids to stay hydrated and fresh. You can have coconut water, lemonade, fresh fruit juices, chaach, lassi, vegetable soups, green tea etc.  
  • Eat seasonal fruits, as they are easier to digest and loaded with essential vitamins and minerals which hasten the process of recovery.
  • Always ensure that you consume about three liters of water each day, especially during fever. Water helps flush the toxins out of the body system and hastens recovery.
  • Eat Soft diet, which may comprise of boiled eggs, khichdi, poha, dalia, curd rice, dal rice, curd etc. These foods are easier to digest and supply with loads of energy which is essential to hasten the recovery process.
  • Avoid spicy and oily foods as they are difficult to digest.