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Hypertension A Growing Concern Among Youth

Hypertension has become a lifestyle disease today, many people with hypertension is going unchecked on young generation, as people embrace modern lifestyle which includes stress, bad eating habits, limited physical activity and less sleep.

Our team Of cardiologist at Metro Hospital Faridabad said that high blood pressure is responsible for almost 50 % cases of cardiovascular diseases among youth and is a major health concern today.

Understating hypertension and assessing your risk

High blood pressure is a condition where force of the blood against the arteries and veins is too high. It is a silent killer because it has no symptoms, if it is not treated on time, it can go unchecked for years and can cause health problems like stroke, blindness, heart disease and can also damage the kidney.

Blood pressure is recorded as systolic pressure (upper BP) over the diastolic pressure (lower BP). Hypertension is categorized as normal, pre hypertension, hypertension (stage1), hypertension (stage 2) and hypertensive crisis, check the table below.