Feb 28, 2020

Functional Constipation In Children – Dr. Meghna Phadke

Frequent tummy aches is the most common problem among children that parents face these days. Dr. Meghna Phadke said “functional...

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Feb 24, 2020

All About Gynaecology Surgery And Its Benefits

Gynecologists are doctors who are specialized in the field of women reproductive system. They mainly deal with cases related to...

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Feb 7, 2020

Physiotherapy – A Boon To Low Back Pain

Do you know that an estimated 80% of the population worldwide will, once in their life experience low back pain?...

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Feb 7, 2020

The Power Of Vitamins

Vitamins are organic mixtures that are necessary for small amounts in animals and human diets to sustain life and health....

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Feb 6, 2020

Corona Virus – Be Alert, Be Safe

WHO Declares International Health Emergency First cases detected in India (G C Khilnani) What Is Corona Virus? Corona virus is...

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Jan 9, 2020

Heart Attack Can Now Be Detected & Controlled Easily By Modern Technology

Prevalence of heart diseases is increasing and so is mortality associated with it. It is a matter of grave concern that...

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Jan 4, 2020

Winter Increases The Risk Of Stroke: Dr. Sushma Sharma

In the winter season, the chances of brain stroke increase by 30 percent said Dr. Sushma Sharma, Sr. Neurologist &...

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Dec 27, 2019

स्ट्रोक आने पर साढ़े चार घंटे के भीतर अस्पताल पहुंचे: आप पूर्णतः स्वस्थ हो सकते हैं| डॉ सुषमा शर्मा

आजकल की अव्यवस्थित जीवनशैली में इंसान इतना व्यस्त हो गया है की उसके पास खुद के लिए ही समय नहीं...

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Dec 21, 2019

Cold Weather And Air Pollution: Common Respiratory Illnesses

by Dr. Vijay Kumar AgrawalA combination of existing air pollution levels and cold weather can be a nightmare for respiratory...

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Dec 16, 2019

Benefits Of Knee Replacement Surgery: Dr. Anurag Aggarwal

More than 80% of people in India get damaged knee joints by the age of 60-65 years. The reason behind...

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